Join the Communitea

It's time to grab your favorite mug, pour some of our delicious, organic tea and sip with intention. Savor the moment and create a ritual that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

Whether it's a pause in your busy day to check in with yourself or pot of tea shared over laughs with friends or family, our tea is here to help you reconnect inside and out.

Communiteas is on mission to utilize our sustainably sourced and consciously curated teas to reconnect you with your mind, body and soul as well as the incredible humans all around you.

We're giving you the tools to unlock a whole new tea experience. Each one of our organic teas come with a unique link inside that gives you access to a short meditation and a couple creative conversation starters based on that tea's essence to help you connect deeper with each cup. Whether your sipping solo or sharing a pot, don't be surprised if it's your favorite new ritual.